• Hi, noticed you created this wiki in December. Was wondering if you would like to merge your article on Miho into w:c:GUP which was created in October? We're up to 36 pages and your info on Miho could help expand her article.

    If we merged, I could may you a sysop on GUP and this URL could point there and it would be easier to spell/share for those interested.

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    • ok! that sounds cool. Panzer Vor! (jk ^_^) 

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    • Cool, well I hosted your character page at w:c:GUP:Miho Nishizumi. Although doing so seems to have overwritten the previous content there, so ideally I'd like to merge the 2 versions' content.

      Wait um... so IP is Moonfrost? Could you possibly log in so we can be sure?

      Also since you now have sysyop access I am wondering if you'd be interested in hosting this background there? We don't yet have a background on GUP.

      Once this is done, all the content on this wiki will be present on GUP and we can move forth with the merger process via Special:Contact.

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    • A FANDOM user
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